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What we do

The FMBA was established back in 1961 to give a credible voice for registered building contractors Reputable Building Contractors.

We work very closely with all relevant industry stakeholders and institutions over the years. FMBA has a very high standard of ethics that are adhered to by all our members. We are also an original member of the Construction Industry Council (CIC).

The members of FMBA try to meet at least once a month for a lunch in Suva as well as the West to discuss all matters relating to our construction segment.

The FMA also has an independent Secretary Mr Vijay Naidu, who each month sends minutes of meetings and any relevant information from comments on tenders and on construction news in general.

All applications to join the FMBA is carefully scrutinized and vetted.

Our goal for the future is to grow the membership Fiji wide and to promote and encourage the rest. All relating to building industry are welcome to join.


Our Vision

To secure the recognition of the FMBA as the official representative of the building industry in the country, by all persons and authorities whose interests extend to and embrace the building and allied trades.

Our Mission

To play an active role in the formation of  National Building Legislation and Builder Licensing.

To create a sustainable Building Industry through quality and fair workplace practices by our members.

And to be the preferred contractors/suppliers in the country.



To provide professional advice and feedback to all our members

A platform for our members to voice their concerns and issues on the industry.

To be the “voice” for building professionals in the country.

To make Occupational, Health & Safety practices a priority with our members

To ensure Professionalism & Integrity from our members through adherence to the Association’s Code of Ethics.