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Code of Ethics

  1. All members shall so order their conduct as to uphold at all times the dignityof their calling, and further, each member shall zealously improve the standard of the trade and share with his fellow members a common responsibility for its honour and integrity.
  2. It shall be the duty of every member to render service to his clients on a fair and equitable basis with
    absolute fidelity, and to practice his trade with due regard to the best standards of workmanship, integrity and courtesy, loyalty to his Association, and a spirit of fairness to his fellow member and employees. The reliance placed by clients, employers and the public in general on the accuracy and good faith of state statements prepared by or estimates given by members constitutes one of the most valuable assets of the trade and the utmost care and good faith are necessary to ensure the maintenance of the highest standards in this respect.
  3. In the interest of the Association, his fellow members, and his own business, a member shall be loyal to his Association and active in its work and he shall be willing to place at the disposal of the Association and fellow members the lessons of his experience.
  4. A member shall not discuss or disclose information obtained at meetings or by correspondence, with non-members.
  5. Should a member be any time charged with unethical practice he shall voluntarily place all pertinent facts before the proper tribunal of the Association for investigation and judgment.
  6. Every member shall endeavour to work on a fair and equitable basis, having in mind that the integrity, prestige
    and strength of the Association depends upon building up and maintaining the confidence of the client and public alike.
  7. No member shall consciously endeavour to attract or offer employment to an employee of a fellow member without
    first having advised the fellow member. This is not be construed as prohibiting negotiations with anyone whom,
    of his own initiative or in response to public advertisement, applies to a member for employment.
  8. A member shall guard against the use of his name by, or his personal association with, any concern of a
    questionable character, which may bring him or his Association into disrepute.
  9. Members shall refrain from expressing comment or criticism to the general public on the services, fees or conduct
    of a fellow member. However, it is the duty of every member to maintain the standard of his trade by referring to his Association any breach of conduct, which may appear to bring discredit on the Association or its members.
  10. For the protection of all parties, all contracts and agreements, together with any alterations thereto, shall wherever possible be in writing, and all members shall keep proper accounts and conduct their affairs in a businesslike manner.
  11. Members are expected wherever possible to take an active part in work of their Association, to attend and participate at meetings, to accept nominations to office and generally to further the interests of the
    Association and its members, and above all to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and integrity.