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The Fiji Masters Builders Association will work closely with the Consumer Council of Fiji to create legislation to protect consumers. Their combined goal will be to see all construction companies licensed for the first time in Fiji, similar to overseas countries.

Currently there is no compulsion or requirement to ensure anyone operating in the building industry is properly registered or regulated.

Fiji Masters Builders Association Secretary, Vijay Naidu says licensing construction companies should for the first time offer customers the assurance that their hard-earned money will not go to bogus contractors.

“Licensing will help but we still need to get our act together. We at the FMBA are ready to work closely with our partners at the Construction Industry Council as well as the Consumer Council,” says Mr Naidu.

He adds they plan to also lobby Government to enact an act of Parliament that will also empower the FMBA to license all builders and contractors in the country.

Consumer Council Chief Executive Premila Kumar says construction companies are not licensed or regulated and some are not fulfilling the expectations of their customers.

She adds since home ownership is the single largest investment anyone will make in their lifetime, ensuring that proper protections are in place for the public is critical.

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